Face To Face – Auditions

Face To Face – Auditions

Auditions for Face To Face –
Audition dates are Sunday 8 Sep at 2.00pm & Mon 9 Sep at 730pm
Cast required:
Jack Manning             Community Conference Convenor               30s – 40
Glen Tregaskis            Former employee of Baldoni Exhibitions     Mid 20s  
Large, powerfully built man   
Maureen Tregaskis     Glen’s Mother                                           Early – Mid 40s              Attractive, slim
Barry McLean             Glen’s long-time friend                               Mid 20s
Greg Baldoni               Owner & Manager of Baldoni Exhibitions     Early – Mid 50s                  Athletic
Claire Baldoni              Greg’s Wife                                              Early – Mid 50s
Richard Halligan         Foreman at Baldoni’s                                  40s
Luke Mitrovic              Employee of Baldoni Exhibitions                 Early 30
Julie Rossiter              Greg’s PA, attractive                                 Early 20s
Therese Martin            Greg’s Accountant                                    Mid – Late 30s

The Factory,  Factory 4, 22 Jesmond Road, Croydon VIC Melways Map 50 K6. For further information please email the director  Deborah Fabbro  orbbaf@ozemail.com.au or 0416 141 838