Play In A Day – 22nd February 2014


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Play In A Day – 2014

Play In A Day is raw, exciting, and innovative theatre – where it takes only 24 hours to create, write, direct, rehearse and perform a series of short plays. That’s right, a group of 36 people meet for the first time on Friday evening 21st February, and within the space of 24 hours, they will have written, directed, and rehearsed a series of six short 10 minute plays to be performed for your entertainment on the Saturday evening – for the very first time! Join in on the fun on Saturday 22nd February, 2014 at 8:00pm sharp at Doncaster Secondary College theatre. Tickets at the door, or book in advance to avoid disappointment. Performance Date: February 22nd at the Doncaster Secondary College, 123 Church Road, Doncaster. Tickets $15.00 (light Supper provided) job he doesn’t go quietly. His response leads to criminal charges being laid. He is offered, however, the opportunity of a community justice conference in which he is brought face to face with those whose lives have been affected by his actions. But Glen is not the only one to fall under the glare of the spotlight and unexpected outcomes result in more than one life being turned upside down. This is a hard-hitting and timely play about the nature of modern city living and how lives can become lost in the business of simply living.