Auditions – Stepping Out


 16-Jun-2014 at 07:30PM
17-Jun-2014 at 07:30PM

Audition Venue

22 Jesmond Road, 
MELWAY – Map 50 K6 

Author: Richard Harris

Director: Loretta Bishop

Enquiries: 03 97352802

Characters Summary: 9F (35+) 1M (40+)


*Mavis – The teacher. Ex pro dancer. Her job is to keep the punters happy. Considerate, organised and always obviously in charge of the group. (Please note that this character has been pre cast)

Dorothy – Anxious. Unsmiling.

Lynne – Eager to please, Never wears makeup and glows healthily

Mrs Fraser – pianist, A lady who prides herself on her pessimism. She is grumpy, believes she is doing everyone a favour just by being there.

Maxine – Very confident. Business woman

Andy – Timid – Bullied by her husband

Geoffrey – Shy, quiet, honest. A bit of a bumbling person – Widower

Vera –Neat, proper, snob, but well-meaning, expensive tastes in clothes

Sylvia – A bubbly person. Bright and outrageous clothes accentuate her ample curves. Chews gum most of the time. Conscious of her weight. Not very good but doesn’t give a damn.

Rose – Larger than life character