VDL And Lyrebird Awards

miss daisy postcard frontHearty congratulations to Horrie Leek and all involved in the hugely successful ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ who did so wonderfully well at the VDL
Awards in December.
Best Director: Horrie Leek
Best Actress: Genevieve Ryan
Best: Actor: Eyawn Harry
Silver Award: Pam Ford for Sound
As well as other nominations, the crew of
Lyen, Alastair & Russell also received an
Adjudicators’ Award.



Congratulations also to the following for their
nominations for the Lyrebird awards to be
held on Saturday 13th February and those
nominations are…

Driving Miss Daisy
 Best Production
Horrie Leek Director in a Drama
Horrie Leek Best Set in a Drama
Genevieve Ryan Best Actress in a Drama
Eyawn Harry Best Actor in a Drama
Andrew Ferguson Best supporting Actor in a Drama
Pam Ford Best Sound in a Drama

Romeo & Juliet

Asja Sarajlic Best Actress in a Drama
Blake Stringer Best Supporting Actor in a Drama
Laell Raiteri Best Supporting Actress in a Drama
Robyn Pollock Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

Good luck and congratulations to all our